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June 12-15, 2022
Aria Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Maximize Your Time

Motivational Keynote

Marvelless Mark

Opportunity Rocks: Re-Energize, Re-engage, and Rebuild your Rock Star Teams. Strategies for Success

Marvelless Mark, CEO, Business Owner, Best Selling Author, Sales Professional, and World-Class Performer

Discover how you can create your own framework for rock star results and be prepared to take immediate action to overcome any challenge. You will leave with new, easy-to-apply, understandable strategies and tactics that will show you how to perform at a higher level, drive change, work more efficiently in teams and take daily massive action. Get ready to Rock ‘N’ Learn.

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Business Keynote

Christopher Geers

Orchestrating True Business Synchrony

Hosted by Christopher Geers, Director, Digital-Oracle-Finance CFO, Huron

The marketplace is rapidly evolving. Sustainable success requires innovative thinking, seamless end to end business processes and aligned modern technology. Digital transformation — or technology-centered improvement — is helping businesses across industries modernize their infrastructures to meet new demands and emerging opportunities. Most of this progress is being made one stack at a time, but it’s the integration of these critical systems (i.e., business system synchrony) that unlocks agility, delivers aligned data and insights, and supports true agility and enterprise performance management. To ensure technology platforms do not become siloed, leaders must commit to digital transformation programs that optimize technology platforms, align data, and ensure integrated end to end business processes.

To avoid being unprepared, disrupted or even immobilized by inevitable market fluctuations, businesses must synchronize their core systems — enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM), human capital management (HCM), and customer relationship (CRM). Aligning and synchronizing business systems positions organizations to make strategic decisions and successfully navigate market disruption.

Christopher Geers brings over 20 years’ experience consulting and leading digitization and financial transformation projects to the Ascend stage. Join him as he hosts an Oracle customer panel and hear first-hand from your peers how synchronized business systems are optimizing technology, data and processes.

Read more about business synchrony in this OATUG guest blog from Chris Geers.

General Sessions

Don’t miss the general sessions presented by Cliff Godwin and Yvette Cameron from Oracle Corporation. Learn more about their presentations and all of the ways you’ll be able to interact directly with Oracle at Ascend 2022.