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June 12-15, 2022
Aria Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Maximize Your Time
Oracle Customer-Only Roundtable Sessions
(exclusively for in-person attendees)

Back — and expanded — by popular demand: We’ve set aside time and space for Oracle customers to engage with each other on hot topics during these customer-only roundtable sessions. Facilitated by thought leaders from the user community and expert partners, these closed-door sessions are your opportunity connect with others for frank discussions and build the network of Oracle users with whom you can exchange insights and ideas for years to come. Let’s put the power of Oracle’s independent user groups — and three decades of experience advocating on behalf of and achieve results for Oracle customers — to work for you.

Continental breakfast will be served at these sunrise sessions.

Oracle Cloud Customers Roundtable Session

Monday, June 13, 7:00 – 8:00 am PT
Hosted by: Brian Pellegrin, OATUG Customer Support Council Chair, Cloud ERP SIG Board member and AVP Cloud Application Support for Service Corporation International
Dan Goerdt, President, Flexagon

This hour we are inviting Oracle Cloud customers to connect — in real life. For many organizations, making the move to Oracle Cloud has helped to accelerate release cycle speed, extend use of current technologies, and decrease release process management costs. However, it required training and change management because legacy technology knowledge runs deep within your organization. For many customers moving to Oracle Cloud, it also meant strategizing on when to use SaaS and when to leverage existing investment by shifting database, middleware, and applications onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This roundtable session will provide an opportunity for Oracle Cloud customers — and those considering making the move — to come together to share their lessons learned and make new connections within the Oracle user community. Topics will include integration with your overall process and tooling, security and compliance, migration of configuration and code across test and production environments, approaches to integrating Oracle and non-Oracle applications, and how to best optimize Oracle Tech Support when running in the cloud. Bring your questions, suggestions or be ready to share your recent wins for the benefit of the Oracle Cloud community.

DBA Roundtable Session

Monday, June 13, 7:00 – 8:00 am PT
Hosted by: James Lui, OATUG President

DBAs, this is your hour! Join us for a hot-topic roundtable hosted by OATUG President James Lui. This closed-door session is your opportunity to connect with other DBAs for frank discussions about issues that matter most to you today. Help shape the agenda. Then bring your challenges, questions and insights, and leave with new perspectives and a larger network of Oracle users you can turn to for ideas and advice.

HR Director Customer Roundtable Session: Beyond Implementation: The Path to Cloud Success

Monday, June 13, 7:00 – 8:00 am PT
Hosted by: Amanda Hustedt, VP Customer Success, ArcLight Consulting

Do you have a solid network of partnerships or support structures to navigate post-live? How are you managing the quarterly releases? Do you feel you are achieving your overall goals with the application? Join ArcLight’s Customer Success team and a panel of customers for a candid discussion about what happens after you reach destination “Go Live.” Every organization’s journey to the cloud looks a little different, but the objectives are similar — making the most of the investment, optimizing that investment and minimizing the risks to that investment — ultimately taking the applications from Implementation to Stabilization to Optimization. The paths to that destination may vary, but the tactics and strategies apply across all cloud implementations. Discussion topics will range from best practices, building strong partnerships, quarterly releases, change control protocols, reporting, value add services and the art of the possible. We are looking forward to you joining us for this round table discussion.

Check out Arclight’s webinar series Beyond Implementation.

IT Director Roundtable Session

Tuesday, June 14, 7:00 – 8:00 am PT
Hosted by: Mohan Dutt, IT Director, Equinix and OATUG Board Member
Biju George, SVP EBS Practice, Syntax

IT Directors, we’re crowd-sourcing hot topics for this session right now. Tell us what you’d like to discuss, and then join us for breakfast and frank conversation about the issues that matter most to you. If you came to Ascend hoping to broaden your network of Oracle users to whom you can turn for ideas and advice when you need it, this sunrise session is a can’t-miss opportunity for you!

“Things I’d Love to Say to Oracle But Am Afraid to Say” Roundtable Session

Tuesday, June 14, 7:00 – 8:00 am PT
Hosted by: Dianne DeNezza, Director, ERP HCM Applications, University of Pittsburgh and OATUG President Elect
Ryan Bendana, Director, Palisade Compliance

Do you find Oracle (sometimes) difficult to work with? Are you sweating the possibility of an audit? Struggling to discern fact from fiction as you consider your technology roadmap? Have questions or concerns you’d love to raise but don’t know where to take them or whether they’ll be well received? Join us for this roundtable session to connect with others who’ve “been there and done that” as well as those whose current challenges are similar to yours. Your hosts will ask the audience to share strategies that have worked well and will be ready to share some from their experience as well.