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August 15-18, 2021
The Diplomat Beach Resort
Hollywood, FL, USA

Congratulations to all speakers who were selected to present at Ascend 2021! Download this image and share it with your social networks to let them know they can hear you speak at #Ascend2021.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions about presenting at Ascend 2021.

Speaker Orientation

Watch the Ascend 2021 Speaker Orientation webinar, originally presented on August 10, 2021.

Download the Slide Deck (PDF)

Ascend Speaker Fast Facts

  • Whether you are virtual or in-person, speakers will be presenting the exact same way, via the conference app. We are prepared to find speakers either way.
  • Co-Presenters: Must be registered and have access to the conference app. It is the primary presenters responsibly to make sure their co-presenter(s) are registered and listed as speakers on the session. We will not add co-presenters once the conference has started. Once you have confirmed the co-presenter is registered and not already listed as a speaker on your session, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your session title and the co-presenter name.
  • We eliminated use of session ID numbers since we could not transfer numbers from the speaker portal to the conference app. Please do not list session ID numbers on your presentation slide deck.
  • Because of the Hybrid Format, in-person and virtual, don’t plan on doing a poll.
  • Make sure to thank conference exhibitors and sponsors. Without them, there would be no conference. Announce that attendees should visit the exhibit hall, both virtually and in-person.
  • The scheduling logistics for this hybrid conference are such that changing session times/dates is impossible to accommodate. If you are unable to present at your assigned date/time, we will require that your session be cancelled.
  • You cannot delete old PowerPoint files — we will have to do it. Upload a new version to your slides and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to delete the old version
  • Only speakers assigned to a session can upload PowerPoint files.
  • Speaker Ready Room: Regency Ballroom 3, during non-education hours.
  • For presenting in-person, speakers are not required to wear masks
  • When presenting in Zoom, make sure your display name matches your name. Rename yourself if it doesn’t.
  • Wifi Network (SSID): ascend2021 | Password: ascend2021
  • Please review Event Safety and Precautions. We are recommending attendees wear a mask indoors. There will be a QR code on the back of your badge linking to safety information.

Ascend 2021 Virtual Backgrounds

Download Ascend 2021 virtual backgrounds for use when presenting your session remotely.

Ascend 2021 Speaker Orientation Webinar

Please sign up for the speaker orientation webinar on Tuesday, August 10, at 1:00 p.m. EDT to learn about presenting at Ascend 2021.

Presenting at Ascend

  • Each session will have a moderator (whether you are virtual or in-person). The moderator will help you get set up before the session, begin the webinar by welcoming the audience, and help facilitate the Q&A portion.
  • Please arrive to your session 15 minutes prior to the start time (whether you are virtual or in-person). The moderator will be there to assist you. Note: there may be an instance or two where the moderator may be late wrapping up a previous session. Please be patient.
  • When the moderator turns it over to you/your co-presenter(s), you can give a brief introduction and begin the session.
  • Sessions will last one hour, which includes Q&A (Turbo Talks 25 minutes).
  • You will advance your slides; the moderator help you share your screen and check your audio. Please make sure that all background apps and programs with pop-ups or sounds are disabled before your session begins.
  • For in-person presenters, you are responsible for providing your own computer to present your slides. You will set up at the podium. Please stay near the microphone.
  • If presenting virtually, please turn your camera on and use a virtual background.

Quick Info Guide for Speakers

PowerPoint Template

Download the official Ascend 2021 PowerPoint template for your presentation slide deck.

Presentation Slides Guidelines

Presentation Slides Upload Instructions

  • Log in to the Ascend Conference App (Jujama) to upload your presentation files.
  • Once you are logged into the app, click on “Agenda,” and simply find your session by title (you can enter a few words of the title) and click on it. Once you are in your session, hit the “presentations” and find the red “+ Document” to upload the presentation.
  • You will also use the app to upload a headshot and bio in the profile area. All speakers (and attendees) must do this themselves. Please note, the more professional you look on the app, the more likely attendees will engage you.
  • File size cannot exceed 15 MB (no limit on number of pages).
  • Files must be in PDF format.
  • Files should be named the “session title” followed by “_PPT” for presentation slides, “_PPT Notes” for your presentation with notes, and “_WP” for white papers (if you choose to submit a white paper with your slides).

Preparing for Your Presentation

  • Rehearse your session in the same manner as you will deliver it.
  • Please allot 50 minutes for your presentation and 10 minutes for the Q&A.
  • If you are doing a Turbo Talk, please allot 25 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for the Q&A.
  • Time your presentation so you know how much time to spend on key slides.
  • Make sure to share information with your panelists/co-presenters. Only the primary speaker is included on emails from conference organizers.
  • Please inform us if any presenters need to be added/removed from your session.

Suggestions for Marketing Your Session

As an Ascend 2021 presenter, you have a great opportunity to generate positive exposure for your organization and increase attendance for your presentation by utilizing effective media relations and social media. We will make the Ascend 2021 Speaker Marketing Kit available soon.

Here are some recommendations to grow publicity/engagement for your session:

  • Share news of your acceptance with your marketing/PR team. They can issue a media advisory announcing the acceptance of your session at Ascend 2021. An advisory summarizes your topic and can include quotes from your presentation, a link to your company website, and information about you and your organization.
  • Turn your presentation into a bylined article. Many technology publications routinely print articles that detail real-life experiences or offer helpful tips to others in the field. Be sure to mention your Ascend session in your author byline!
  • Share on social media, focusing especially on Twitter and LinkedIn. Share your excitement about your presentation acceptance, share some of the things you’ll cover, and encourage people to join you at the event! Also, share links to any media coverage and published articles about your session. Always use hashtags to increase the reach of your posts, including the event’s official hashtag: #Ascend2021.
  • Consider joining LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your topic and sharing updates there.
  • You can engage with the Oracle Applications and Technology Users Group (OATUG) and Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) and their members through their social networking sites.

Presenter Questions?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ascend 2021 Publication Rights

In the United States, the federal Copyright Act states:

The Copyright Act protects against copying by unauthorized persons of all “original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression.”

Such works include the presentations submitted to OATUG and OHUG and presented at Ascend.

To protect your presentation, the appropriate symbol and language must be used. This indicates to whom the copyright belongs.

Protection under the Copyright Act is acquired by placing all three of the following on every copy of a protectable work published by authority of the copyright owner in the United States or elsewhere:

  • the symbol “©” and the word “Copyright;”
  • the year of the first publication of the work; and
  • the name of the owner of the copyright.

Failure to place these three items on a published work bars legal action for copyright infringement against any person who, due to the omission of such items, believes that the work has been placed by the author in the public domain and thus can be used without permission or fee by a third party.

Sample Copyright Protection

Ascend suggests that you protect your copyright to your presentation by putting the symbol and language at the bottom center of the first page of your paper: Copyright ©2021 by [Your Name]. Ascend also suggests that you consult your attorney to ensure that you have properly registered the copyright to your paper.

Ownership of All Rights to Your Paper

By submitting your presentation and presenting it at Ascend, and by accepting the compliance agreement, you have indicated to OATUG and OHUG that you own all rights to your paper. Please immediately inform Ascend in writing if you do not own all rights. In addition, if at any time you know or have reason to know that you do not own all rights to your presentation, please inform the Ascend education staff immediately.

Rights Transfer

By accepting the compliance agreement, you authorize Ascend to record your presentation (either by audio or video), to publish your presentation in the Ascend conference app, to publish your presentation in each organization’s online content repository, and to produce and distribute copies in other formats.

For additional information, please refer to the U.S. Copyright Office.