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June 12-15, 2022
Aria Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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The Ascend Education team truly appreciates your efforts in creating an abstract for a presentation at the conference. There are always many more submissions than speaking slots, so we thought we’d share with you some tips to writing your content in a way that will get the attention of reviewers and increase your chances of selection, as well as attract conference attendees, so you are presenting to a full room.

Watch our webinar recorded on January 14, 2022, titled How to Improve Your Chances of Being Selected to Speak at Ascend 2022 and read on below for more valuable tips.

Download the slide deck (PDF file).


It is important that your abstract is focused and clear in explaining your topic and the main educational points you will share with the audience.


The title should grab people’s attention — have fun with it! It also needs to state your topic clearly and develop interest. The title will give people an idea of how your presentation fits the focus of the Ascend conference and what area you’re covering.

Topic and Relevance

  • Whether your presentation is about implementation, upgrade, or normal business, in addition to discussing the processes you followed, you should cover any specific problems you ran into. Discuss the steps taken to resolve the problem and be sure to include lots of detail. If it’s for a specific product line (or not), make that clear.
  • Where possible, focus on recent releases, features, or ways to leverage the product that help your organization respond to changing business needs. Be clear about how attendees can benefit from your session, whether it is professional development, or saving time/money; give them “what’s in it for me.”
  • Be real: focus on what you have done, not just what you theoretically could do. Actual experiences will go far, and note that attendees will also appreciate learning from things that didn’t work well, as much as from the successes.
  • If you’re a consultant or solution provider, consider partnering with a customer to educate, as well as to share their perspective and experiences. Sessions featuring a customer are more likely to be selected (and attended). Conference-goers want to hear from their peers more than anything else!
  • Consider submitting a panel discussion. It’s always great to hear different ideas and perspectives on a given subject. If submitting a panel, please have your participants lined up in advance and include them as co-presenters when you submit. Including customers on a panel can help your submission get selected and increase attendance for your session.
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